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Volunteers Needed!

We are always in need of volunteers! When you register your child for Spring 2023, you will be asked to consider volunteering in our organization. Avon Lacrosse operates with an all-volunteer board and coaching staff!  As our organization continues to grow, so does our need for volunteers.

The descriptions below will help to describe each position. As you read through them, please consider registering yourself as a volunteer for Avon Lacrosse in 2023! 

Volunteer Positions:

Coach/Assistant Coach – Parent or age-appropriate student, ideally with lacrosse and/or coaching experience interested in learning and teaching the sport of lacrosse within the parameters of the Positive Coaching Alliance and Avon Lacrosse’s guidelines. 

Team Manager – Primary coordinator for team support.  Recruits other team parents for key tasks and fills in where necessary.  Assures coaches have necessary support.  Is the primary contact person for the parents for any schedule changes and relays messages as necessary via email, web site and/or voice mail. 

Scorekeeper – Keeps official score.  Should be at field 20 minutes before the game to set up and log names and numbers of players.  Hands score sheets to coaches at the end of the game.  Maintains and brings scoring equipment to the field, e.g., score pad/score sheets, pens, air horn, portable score board, time clocks and field cones.  May need to coordinate with scorekeeper from the same division if equipment is shared.  Should be familiar with the rules of YOUTH field lacrosse. 

Boys’ rules:
Girls’ rules:

Timekeeper - The timekeepers are responsible for keeping the time of both the game and any penalties called.  Since there are rarely scoreboards at most of the fields where field lacrosse is played, there must be more communication between the timekeepers and the referee to ensure the game is timed correctly.  The timekeeper may also be responsible for using the air horn as needed.

Spotter/Airhorn – Assists scorekeeper/team statistician and timekeeper.  Confirms referees calls, calls out ground ball pickups, goalie saves, scores and assists.  Should be familiar with the rules of youth field lacrosse and referee hand signals. 

Boys’ rules:
Girls’ rules:
Referee hand signals:

Booth Announcer - Announces both teams, plays the National Anthem, and calls all events/ scoring plays throughout the game.

Scoreboard - Responsible for managing the scoreboard at home games

Videographer - Record game(s) for review and analysis. 

Sports Photographer - As a photographer, you will gain access to the sidelines to take action / game photography for use on our website and social media accounts! You will be down where the action is, we just ask that you take pictures of the whole team!

Sideline Manager – Assures spectators are seated only along the side line opposite the side reserved for players and coaches approximately 6 yards away from the sideline and never behind the end lines.  Employs techniques and process for maintaining decorum during the game.

Water and Snack Coordinator – Assures there is a full 5 gallon water jug with paper cups available at the start of the game for players and referees.  Also coordinates snacks, if appropriate for players.  

General (Parent) Volunteer – Available for fundraising functions, serve on concessions, field setup/ cleanup, assist Committee Chairs and Managers as requested/needed.

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